Reading Log: March 2024


A big month for ARCs I am on the hook to read by certain dates!


The Day Tripper, James Goodhand

Middlemarch, George Eliot

Amidst everything listed below, I also tried to participate in Bluesky’s Middlemarch Madness, but got behind roughly 10 days in where catchhing up was feeling too daunting for the material I’d need to cover. I hope to come back some day, but jettisoning it in favor of other books was the right move for now.


Dolls of Our Lives, Allison Horrocks and Mary Mahoney

Weirdly, this hit too conversational a note for me - I’d generally welcome that from a podcast-turned-book but this felt like it was weirdly obsessed with maintaining the same we’re-all-friends-in-the-same-room tone of a rountable-y podcast when what I really wanted them to do was go deep on these dolls/the metamorphosis of the American Girl brand.

The Riddles of the Sphinx, Anna Shechtman

ARC, full review here

Selling the Dream, Jane Marie

ARC, full review here

You Get What You Pay For, Morgan Parker

ARC, full review here

The Exvangelicals, Sarah McCammon

ARC, full review here

This American Ex-Wife, Lyz Lenz

Lyz’ writing has been stellar for years, and I’m so happy that this is the book of hers that seems to be riling up everyone after seeing the themes it circles around be the bread and butter of her newsletter for the last few years.

Why Tammy Wynette Matters, Steacy Easton

The Why INSERT FEMALE MUSICIAN HERE Matters series is really a gem, and this volume covers so many different facets of why Tammy Wynette matters in an age when “Stand By Your Man” can feel regressive.

Who’s Afraid of Gender, Judith Butler

ARC, full review here

Open Throat, Henry Hoke

Picked this up because of the Tournament of Books putting it on my radar, and I think I agree with what the reviewer who didn’t move it forward said.

Help Wanted, Adelle Waldman

Exquisite set of character studies at a mid-size town’s slightly-fancier-Target and the team behind its scenes.

There’s Always This Year, Hanif Abdurraqib

ARC, full review here

total books, March: 11

total pages, March: 3339

total books, 2024: 36

total pages, 2024: 11999