Find Me Online

Well, I figured Twitter was headed downhill after what’s-his-face took it over, but I didn’t expect the house to be this on fire so soon.

If and when Twitter eats it, I’m going to play around with a few platforms and figure out what works best for where - once I stopped trying to put the same content on every single platform, they all made so much more sense, and it’ll take a little time to figure out what goes where.

That said, here’s where to find me, when this platform ceases to exist:

Stuff I Make

  • Mike McComb and I make The Eurowhat? podcast, where the two of us take on 65+ years of Eurovision and try to make some sort of sense of it. It’s a real nice party and we’ve got some cool stuff we’re working on for 2023.
  • This website you’re already on ( is for general blogging/baking projects/photos/etc. and it has RSS if you want to pop it into feedly
  • I’ve also got a project I’m cooking up for next year that will eventually live at once it’s started. Nothing’s there yet, but see you there soon.

Please invite me to guest on your podcast! I like chatting about things (particularly trivia, the Eurovision Song Contest, puzzles, Mystery Science Theater, and general pop culture/current events) and I have my own microphone.

We’ll See What Sparks Joy (“Social” Media)

  • Tumblr is mostly where I re-blog stuff from other Tumblrs ATM.
  • Facebook and I have a complicated relationship right now and I’m trying to use it less
  • I’m on instagram at bsideboston, say hi and don’t be weird, it’s mostly pictures of food and puzzles ATM.
  • Like many other elder millenials I have made a Cohost but I don’t know what I’m going to use that for yet.
  • I also joined Mastodon, where I’m See you there?
  • oops, I also joined Hive and Post, BenMSmith in both places.

A newsletter? In this economy?

  • If you’re a substack kind of person, I have made Semaphore for occasional updates and also to ruin the other Ben Smith’s SEO.