Find Me Online

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because I re-posted the link to Twitter after another Event happened.

Here’s where to find me, when Twitter platform ceases to exist in a way where you no longer feel like posting there:

Stuff I Make

  • Mike McComb and I make The Eurowhat? podcast, where the two of us take on 65+ years of Eurovision and try to make some sort of sense of it. It’s a real nice party and we’ve got some cool stuff we’re working on for 2023.
  • This website you’re already on ( is for general blogging/baking projects/photos/etc. and it has RSS if you want to pop it into feedly
  • I’ve also got a project I’m cooking up for next year that will eventually live at once it’s started. Nothing’s there yet, but see you there soon™.

Please invite me to guest on your podcast! I like chatting about things (particularly trivia, the Eurovision Song Contest, puzzles, Mystery Science Theater, and general pop culture/current events) and I have my own microphone.

We’ll See What Sparks Joy (“Social” Media)

  • Tumblr is mostly where I re-blog stuff from other Tumblrs ATM.
  • Facebook and I have a complicated relationship right now and I’m trying to use it less
  • I’m on instagram at bsideboston, say hi and don’t be weird, it’s mostly pictures of food and puzzles ATM.
  • Like many other elder millenials I have made a Cohost but I don’t know what I’m going to use that for yet.
  • You can follow me on Mastodon at, but Bluesky is really scratching my shitposting urges more so I’m not there a ton. You’ve been warned.
  • A wild Bluesky has appeared. Ask nicely for an invite.
  • Threads? LOL. LMAO.

A newsletter? In this economy?

  • If you’re a substack kind of person, I have made Semaphore for occasional updates and also to ruin the other Ben Smith’s SEO. I have yet to send an issue, so buyer beware.